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You know, I never had any intention of getting into donkeys - miniature or otherwise. And then in 1988, I met my very first miniature jack at a miniature horse farm owned by Cammie Cavanaugh in Okemos, Michigan. While I impatiently waited for my first mini colt to get old enough to come home with me, their little "Eeyore" absolutely stole my heart with all his playful, baby donkey antics. I knew I just had to have a miniature donkey, too! When I met weanling Sleepy Hollow Critter's Cocoa, I was ready for a donk and brought him home to the farm. That's when Cocoa started my lessons on all the unique joys only miniature donkeys bring their people. Now I can't imagine my life without them!!
For the first few months, Cocoa lived quite happily with our first few miniature horses. But who can have just one donkey? I found exactly who I wanted at Dennis Banning's Feather Ridge's Farm in Williamston, Michigan -- a dark chocolate suckling jennet. I was in love, as soon as I saw her. So baby Feather Ridge's Hot Fudge ("Fudgie") joined us, as soon as she was old enough to be weaned. Thank you, so very much, Denny, for Fudgie, for so many other of my beloved Feather Ridge "children", and for our time honored friendship! Fudgie remains my very special girl. She always has hugs for her "Momma Sue".
After that, one thing kind of led to another. Cocoa now has his very own "family": Fudgie; Merry-Go-Round's Calliope ("Calliope", our very first Red Baron daughter); Me & My Shadow Kachina Doll ("Kachina") and Kachina's 2007 Me & My Shadow Macho Man son, MMS Kachina's Muchacho ("Muchacho"); Feather Ridge's Carmen ("Carmen", our Bianco/Tincker Avi "kid"); and Carmen's very best friend, Me & My Shadow First Kiss ("Kiss").
Carmen and Kiss and Kachina were all bred to Me & My Shadow Macho Man for 2008, thanks to Macho's new, forever owner, Beckie Labs, of Hawk Winds Farm in Mattawan, Michigan. Beckie, I'm so very glad Mach brought us together! And congratulations on all your big wins in your first few years of showing Mach!! I'm forever indebted to you, Beckie, for all your kindness and help during 2008, my most difficult year.
Feather Ridge's Polkadot ("Polkadot") and her 2007 son, MMS Napoleon's Jigsaw Puzzle ("Puzzle") rejoined Cocoa's family after leaving our dear friend, Monica Millstead at Premiere Farm in Hersey, Michigan, where Polkadot was rebred to Puzzle's "daddy", Ozark Napoleon. Thank you so much, Monica, for allowing us to use Napoleon once again! That baby, MMS Napoleon's Polkadot Domino is extraordinary. And he now belongs to nine year old Heather Pitlanish, of Mason, Michigan.
Cocoa always minded his manners well, since all the "girls" kept him in line. He was a delight and a pleasure to be around. We were fortunate to have such a special senior jack -- one who lived happily with his ladies and their young children; one who enjoyed greeting all the visitors to our farm; and one who marked all his get with his wonderful temperament, pretty head, and superb conformation. We lost our >b>Cocoa man on November 2, 2009. He lives on through his children and all his friends, but there will always be an empty place in our hearts.
Our next to final foal of 2001 was a special gift. He was destined from birth to become M&MS Farms' future, second herd sire. Me & My Shadow Starbuck was born an exquisite, tiny, light red jack with a huge white star and an absolutely gorgeous little head. We opted to retain him for our breeding program, in the hope he'd cross well with Cocoa's adult daughters. And he'll be a busy "man", as the years go on, because Cocoa's daughters now include: Me & My Shadow Finally Fiddlestix ("Fiddlestix"), Me & My Shadow Fourth Time's The Charm ("Charm"), Me & My Shadow Mocha Fudge ("Mocha"), Me & My Shadow Hot Fudge Sundae ("Sundae"), MMS Hot Fudge Parfait ("Parfait"), and MMS Cocoa's Carmelita ("Melita").
Starbuck is all grown up now, more handsome than ever. His coat is a russet brown, and along with that huge star he was born with, he's developed extensive roaning. Starbuck is a wonderfully stocky jack with good bone. He's correct in every way. And he's just 30.5" tall.
Starbuck lives in his very own paddock with his very own "family". They now include: Mocha; Charm; Me & My Shadow Baroness ("Baroness") and her 2007 daughter MMS Baroness Starstruck ("Starstruck"); Fiddlestix and her 2007 son MMS In A Flash ("Flash"); and Me & My Shadow Cinnamonstix ("Cinnamon") and her 2007 daughter MMS Cocoa's Cierra ("Cierra). Starbuck, like Cocoa, is a perfect gentleman and very outgoing. Not only does he greet all the visitors to our farm; he also makes public appearances! We're doubly blessed with both our jacks!!
Each of our little donkeys has a unique personality. Cocoa is a true lover. He believes he has a right to every equine "woman" on the farm, but only when they're in heat. (He's learned his lessons well!) Fudgie is the indisputable "boss" jennet, a position her years and experience earned her. Starbuck sees himself as the official (and unofficial) meeter and greeter. He's always first at the gate.
Calliope is the wisest of the group and a "psychic" -- she instinctively knows what I need and is always ready to help make it so. Baroness understands her noble heritage and insists on getting the "bunny rubs" she enjoys so much. Starstruck believes she's the center of the world. Fiddlestix just wants to get along. Flash is the typical, playful jack foal. Cinnamon is kind. Cierra is sweet and laid back.
Kachina is our beauty and knows it! Muchacho believes the world revolves around him. Polkadot is a tad shy but always happy to be a part of things. Puzzle enjoys every single minute of life. Carmen is our hard sell. Change is not something she appreciates. She'd much rather have it her way. But she's tempering all that, since she made our darling Kiss her very best friend. Sundae is always happy. And this maiden is bred to the phenomenal, spotted Polkadot/Cocoa son, MMS Independence Day ("Indy"). Thank you, Carol Bergmann of Williamston, Michigan, for allowing us to retain breeding rights to our Indy!
Mocha covets a leadership role, just because she believes she deserves it. Charm goes along to get along. Foxy is most definitely Starbuck's "kid". She's the meeter and greeter at her gate. Melita is a doll! Parfait, even as a youngster, helps me tell when another jennet is coming into heat.
Each year foaling season brings some absolutely wondrous new miniature donkey babies to M&MS Farms. All our foals are imprinted at birth. They're healthy. They love people. They promise to keep their new families entertained for many years to come! And we always have a few bred jennets available, too.
So... please be sure to contact us to arrange a breeding for your special miniature equine and for your new miniature donkey addition, whether you're looking for a farm mascot, a pet, or breeding stock. Miniature donkeys will make you smile!

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